Monday, 31 December 2001

17-1-16-Letter to Hogan Howe -no sleep yet again and the pretending game

I have spent all day trying to drink as much as I can to try and stop my self from becoming dehydrated again and they have spent all day making me go to the loo- even when I go to bed there is no rest they target my tummy to make me pee so I have to get out of bed and it then takes me ages to go back to sleep and as soon as I do they target me fist by noise and pain to wake me and then my tummy to make me pee - the more I go the less I do 
the woman on duty one said to the other that I had been in hospital and that I had dehydrated and the pretend she did not know they play this card because for some reason they think by saying this it lets them off when they know well and good ever thing I do and eat and drink 
when I was on Medway bridge Marnie one of there office passed me and dropped his file I turned and saw what was in it and his form were about me 
one day when it was hot I made my self an iced coffee and the mad on duty who sound young asked what he should put the drink down as - I all ways use camp coffee for iced coffee it taste better and I use it for cooking as well
so hear I am at 02-04 watching the TV and trying to get some fluids in to me 










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