Monday, 31 December 2001

18-1-16 Letter to Hogan Howe the rest of the day and Robert

my son Robert would have been 45 to day - sadly he took his life in 2008 and the day it happened the office on duty that day laughed and said hey had been handed a gift because they thought it would tip me over the edge they then spent days pretending be him and say ' mum I have changed my mind ' they said this over and over again 


18-1-16- 0327




How many time I have been to the bathroom not as many as yesterday as I have started taken pics ever time - one of the office said that it proves nothing but should I ever get them in court there videos will prove my case or are they going to say they do not have the days asked for it is only a matter of time 
if I had one wish it would be that the date shown up when the pic was taken on Blogger 


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