Monday, 31 December 2001

23-10-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - the day after - update ans some understanding

yesterday was dreadful they kept me in pain from early morning till later afternoon and for what -it archived nothing- once I felt better I posted  and pointed out if they did not do it I can not post it, I was not woke up so much last night and they did not target me as much when they did, I got up at 3ish and had a drink it was camp  coffee in cold milk and while I drank it put the TV on and fell  asleep then went back to bed - I got up at 7am to take my ill and while I am sucking it am posting at the same time wonder what the rest of the day will bring 

All that happened yesterday was they filled there boots 

what they do is one person on duty will say to the other tell her not to make an more videos we want to be all charged with the same thing -after this was said the other office said that tells us ever thing we need to know about our situation that we think there is a change we could be arrested 






wonder what the blue is in the hall 



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