Monday, 31 December 2001

24-10-16 Letter to Hogan Howe - fish and chip on a Sunday night

Why is it all ways worse when the woman are on duty they are relentless I have had a dreadful night , when I have sat in the chair they have made me cold and targeted my legs and feet and when I get in to bed my neck and tummy - I am having very little sleep - 
My sister took me for fish and chips yesterday night and they targeted me all the time I think the people out side thought I was going to faint and by the time I got home so did my sister. since then they have complained that I have drawn attention to my self - if they left me alone when I am outside no body would have been the wiser  
this is there problem now when this started they did not target me in public but as time as gone on they have made my walking worse and worse now if they stop and I start walking OK  it will prove there guilt if they keep on they are afraid they mat end up been arrested if fact some of the men have said the more they leave me alone the better it will be for them as I might give them a better report - 
I just wonder if I will ever walk again with out a stick and how much damage they have done to my chest regarding my breathing only time will tell 

my tummy is bruised because they have been targeting it with extreme pain

you can see the lumps on the back of my neck I had to go to the hospital once before when they did this these were taken on Saturday

my neck look like this because as soon as I get in to bed they target my neck it feel as if you are been strangled all of the time 








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