Tuesday, 1 January 2002

3-3-17 Letter to Hogan Howe what there reports say they want to do

3-4 -2-17

Last night when I got in to bed the woman on duty shot long sharp shots in to my right eye to see if she could put a whole in - I had to have an eye op because that is what they did to the other eye
There problem is when I first posted on utub it was because they targeted my left eye ever morning until I posted because they thought it was a joke and no-body would ever look at them, they made jokes about what actor would play them and laughed while they were doing it, they said things like it shows how well we have been trained when we can do this, one woman went around the rim of my eye as if she were putting on eye make up because she wanted to show the men she was as good as them

compliance through pain


                   there pic are from a video taken in 2007 and show me been targeted in bed


they thought I was sitting in that chair but had moved

they can cause you pain from 2 miles away and as you can see from my pis they can use it covertly

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