Monday, 31 December 2001

12-3-17-letter to Hogan Howe - having a gastroduodenoscopy horrible

I went yesterday and had an gastroendoscopy thing down my throat and I will not lie it was horrible but have to say at Huddersfield royal they were wonderful, all I have to do now is wait for the result,
they showed me and explained what they saw which I was grateful for it save you days of worry, what they did say was that the inside of my throat was real discoloured and two of my blood vessels were not right  and they were two spot like things other wise he felt I had nothing much to worry about but will need to see the doctor for the full result,

                      they have been targeting my  throat since 2007 and have video to prove it


the day before this they made me so sick I was bring up blood and ended up in hospital and had to go on a drip for the day to get fluid in to me - I had to send for the doctor and when he saw what I had brought up he sent for an ambulance 

I would like to say they have stopped targeting  my throat but it would be a lie -I have told them what they have found and all they say is they only have my word for it this to is a lie as they were targeting  me in the hospital 

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