Monday, 31 December 2001

5-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe my eye and camp coffee


They are still shooting my eye and my back and legs they have started on my toes and they are soar

         9am  Breakfast one small pot of yogurt with some chopped nut and dates in

        My printer is playing me at the moment or is it time will tell,
have washing will be glad when it is done I have gas central heating and it is attached to it some how and I do not like ti have the heating and do the washing at the same time - I am a bit  afraid of central heating and when I first moved hear it use to make me feel sick when I turned it on - don't ask me why we all have our oddity's don't we - I can not think who did it for me but need to change it

Lunch was a slice of bread and some cheese

tea fish and chips did not eat all the chips but eat a good bit of the fish
and at 10pm had ice cream with Liquorish syrup on it

                            I am now up to 1-507 steps it has taken from the first of Feb to do this
                                              I hope I am doing the right thing using this
Camp coffee have changed there top from a flip top to a screw top at last 

How I use camp coffee 
Ice coffee add to taste

I buy soft scoops cream and add camp coffee then when I eat it add some walnut 

and of cause cakes

now when I go in to hospital I can take it and get my family to  bring me some milk because the last time I was there the coffee was horrible so will ask for a glass of milk now and a again 
the only thing is do not like using it has a cup of coffee but would not be with out it 

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