Monday, 31 December 2001

4-2-17 Letter to Hogan Howe- Halifax hospital and the who targeted

I did not post yesterday because I went to my sister for the day and had a good time  

All day long they are targeting my eyes one way or another my left eye is very poor but my right eye was real good it is now been effected by what they are doing they wake me up ever night and shot both of my eye with long sharp shot's it is getting harder from me to read any thing on the TV 
they will not be happy until I can not see at all- 
Last week when they though I might have cancer one of them  said it dose not matter what we do now she is dying she will not need her eye sight for much longer
Life is full of disappointment there is I have not got cancer they will have to learn to live with it 

Halifax Hospital 4-11-08
after my eye op
they tried to fill the gas mask with what ever and
 targeted my eye as soon as I was back on the ward

old lady who they targeted           

young girl who they targeted
                                      The whole ward was full microwave from  there weapon

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