Tuesday, 1 January 2002

8-3-17 Letter to Hogan Howe in light of the CIA I am post pic of projectile

5-3-17 time 4-30
there is a woman on duty and she is targeting my bowl because I am going to my sister with in the next 1/2/ hour - she said it was a punishment for what I said early they were asking me to take down my blog and I said no and said I was feed up with them begging when they were still targeting me,
I have deleted the blog I had on my family tree because I had all 4 families on one blog but have started to put them up  again under each of there names

Been to my sister for a lovely meal and brought home some cake that was wonderful

6th time 7-15pm I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed and the man on duty started targeting under my breast and said we need to show her who is boss

early they were saying my sister were going to call in to see if I had cooked and that is why I had done a casserole this was not true as I asked my sister yesterday to get me some of the things I need

7-3-17 Been to the hospital and saw a very nice doctor who said they had to stop second guessing what is wrong with me and I now have to wait for an appointment to put a camera down my throat some thing I am not looking forward to I have to say -

                                                        They have been using TV long before now
                                                                                Oct 2007

                                                                28-3-07 microwaves





Oct 2007

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