Thursday, 3 January 2002

12-4-17 Letter to Hogan Howe - pills and there effects

12-4-17 time 05-50 I have been awake sine 4 am because they woke me to make me pee and to keep me awake they talk to each other - but the woman on duty has just said it was not suppose to be like this we thought we would just target her one night and she would die 
I wonder if she was the one who said she can not be dying  we are suppose to kill her life is full of disappointment hope she learns to live with this one 

I have been taking these pill to get rid of helicobactor they brought me out in a rash and upset my tummy and discoloured  and at the same time they were shooting stuff in to my mouth and my tongue became discoloured because they target me all the time in my tummy some times it is hard to know what is what -when I fist could not eat I thought they had found away to stop me from eating  as they could make me want to eat at one time now when they try making me want to eat it make me feel sick as I feel so full up all of the time and it put me off wanting to try and eat 

the pill were Amoxicllin - clarithromycin - omprazole-
will not ever take them again

could not show the rash as it was all over my chest 

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