Thursday, 3 January 2002

30-3-17 Letter to Hogan Howe -what kind of animal are you employing

30-3-17-time 00-45
I went to bed at 10pm and turned the light out just after 11pm to be woken up so the two men on duty could fill there needs by targeting me in the eyes -I say yet again that ever night I go through this to the words we need her to post ever day so people know we are doing the job we get pain for and then in  the day they target my eyes and say they want me to take ever thing down and when I do they will pay 50 thousand in to the bank if I thought for one moment that they would give me 50 thousand I would never take it down because this is not about the money it is about stopping these evil people from using these weapons not only on me but ever one - I am  still waiting for the hospital to get in touch with the result of my scan they keep saying they do not think I have long to live but how ever long or short it is I will spend it trying to bring them down and on that front I could not do it with out them because by targeting they are the one who are feeding this blog they are to stupid to know they are stupid - when one day someone knocks on there door the only people they can blame is each other

                       my eye at 00-45 thank to the brave men of the metropolitan police  
my eye sight is getting worse by the day they keep saying they did not understand what they were                                         doing but now they know it has given them a new thrill

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