Thursday, 3 January 2002

26-3-17 Letter to Hogan Howe police men you might know

They are still targeting my eye to get me to post so hear I am again - this week I have been for a
 C A T  scan and waiting to hear from the hospital They all so keep saying they do not think I have long to live and that I must be afraid to have an operation in case I do not wake up, 
In the night they wake me up to target my eyes so I post and then all day they are saying they will give me 50 thousand pounds to take it down - but they still want to cause me pain because if they give up they will look like they have lost 
there other problem is that if all I have is a bacterial infection they will have spent 100 of thousand of pounds and achieved nothing because they thought it would be a quick way of getting rid of someone who got in there way 

them playing in Grange Over Sands 

vo6 -07 -0703

10-9-10 2314

pages from the Paten report 69 and 70 tell you a little about the UK police and weapons there are quite a few of them and each is different in some way

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