Thursday, 31 January 2002

Letter to Hogan Howe - How the Metropolitan police turned five men in to Rapist

BBC Audio 
all called voice to skull

I do not know what day it was but one of the office said if this ever got in to court they would show me having sex with Paul Baily 

Before I was raped by him and  some other men we were friends with benefits - 
I now think the metropolitan police used  voice to skull on the men involved to make them rape me so that I would become  vulnerable
when I left Uxbridge they followed me around the canal at fist I thought it was Paul but I over took him at a lock and only for the fact I saw his boat to late I would have stopped and taken a hammer to it - there was a boat behind me and I could not reverse 
At fist I thought it was them on Medway bridge Mariner and when I ask PC421xh  to ask the office for the CCTV she did not and that is because it was them  playing mind games -

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