Wednesday, 1 January 2003

1 letter to Hogan Howe murder by your men (hart)

 18-23 have had my tea and washed up, fell asleep straight after because I am so very tied the man on duty said I will have to give in soon, by this they mean take down my blog so they can carry on targeting me and they will get away with it, they are still causing me pain, one of the office said what they are doing is to wear me down then add it is only doing it physically and not mentally and that is what they want, they have even been talking about having me sectioned but don't no how to go about it,  by that I mean to all intense and purpose I am living a normal life.

13-19 been a sleep for the last two hours to make up for a sleepless night they are still causing me pain to my back and when I screamed in the pain the woman on duty told the man to tell me not to scream when they are causing me pain, they are all so still targeting my chest and when they do they turn up the pain in my back 

Been to get my car from the garage it cost £160 because the shock absorber had snapped in half. they are still targeting my chest and now my back, the man on duty said he was trying to find a place that they could target all of the time and would not show up on a video,  when I asked the man on duty yesterday why he was doing it he said because he enjoyed it
the pain they are causing is real bad

I have been to the doctor's about this lump and he has told me to phone for an ambulance if I get any pain or feel un well, now Hogan Howe your men no this and so do you, he told me not to lift or cough, as your officer and you no what I am doing from second to second I can only conclude that you are trying to kill  me, is this how you want to be remembed

I have not been on my blog for a few week because your men have been targeting my chest to the point that I am having trouble with my breathing, they are under your order trying to murder me, I have a hernia and because they have been making me cough all of the time keep popping out, I think I am going to end up in hospital very soon, by body is coved with stuff from the weapons you use, in fact I will go as far as to say by  body is evidence against you, they are all so causing me to keep spiting up stuff from   my chest and yet I do not nave a chest infection

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