Friday, 3 January 2003

14-4-17 Hogan Howe - they are stopping me from eating

14-4-17 time 12-43
So far to day I have had nothing to eat I all ready have problems with food because of the helicobater I have which has robed me of my appetite - so have to plan what I eat each day and stick to it -
I have been trying to eat 3 times a day which I have been doing - Before this they use to make me feel hungry and I would have to eat because it was all most like been in pain - I did post about this and said I thought it was sexual and it gave them some control over me which they have been trying to have since this all started they have got as far as making me pee and poo - now when they  try and make me eat it make me feel sick and I have told them this yet they carrier on they are still targeting my tummy to make me poo - I feel full up to may neck so when  the metropolitan thugs are doing this it make you wonder what they hope to achieve by it
the remarks made while they have been doing this is - when she take down her blog we will let her eat and she has to eat when we say
they use say I had to go to sleep while they were causing me pain and hearing there sound I can not go to sleep some night if the noise is not on and am so use to the pain well what more is there to say


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