Friday, 3 January 2003

21-4-17 letter to Hogan Howe -

21-4-17 time 2-45 
there are two men on duty and they have woken me up so they can target my eyes one said to the other 'we do it at night so we can cause most damage'


this was taken this afternoon 

this is an up date
the stopped me eating all over the bank holiday 
I decide not to get up as my eyes are so sore and when I stay in bed they rest as I fall asleep so they decide to try and make me get up to target my tummy to make me feel hungry when they do this it stop me eating because I have worked out time distance so I can eat and not be sick - the reason it stop me is make me compliant to there wishes 
they have said if I give in this once they will never ask to to give in again 
they think I am as stupid as they are 

taken the 10-9-10 this is what they are using on my eyes as well as what I call the pin prick

they have used this over the last three days all day so in the end I have had to go to bed so I can close my eye and try and rest them when I got in to bed yesterday at 7 pm the men on duty said dose she think this is will stop us and they carried on - there other remark has been to say I thought she would beg us - my question is for what I never have and never will beg them it would only give them a bigger high then they are all ready getting from doing this 

taken at 2-45 on the 21-4-17-

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