Friday, 3 January 2003

22 -4 -17 Letter to Hogan Howe - what helicobactor dose to you signs and symptoms

22-4-17 time 05-38 
they are still targeting my tummy this morning alone with my eye they have woken me up so they can do this, 
yesterday one of the woman side they need to be in control of  helicobacter pyloni they want to be in control of some thing nobody understands not even the doctor as it was only discovered 1986 -
what they mean by been in control is finding away to bring me down physically to for fill there prime objective which was to see how long I could live while been targeted by them - 
I think they feel putout at been out done by nature  
ever time they stop me from eating they are damaging my health and make it harder for me to get going again -I have been losing about 1/2 stone a month and have been trying to slow it down some change when they are still targeting my tummy and causing more damage for there own selfish ends 
update time 8-19 they were talking about what I had posted and the woman on duty said ' we should not be doing this but it is good fun watching her struggle against what we are doing 'and to prove her point her is trying to make me feel hungry knowing if I eat it would make me want to put my finger down my throat to make my self be sick some thing I have not done but they would like me to do 

the pill made me real ill and I had to come of them so have to find away to fight it myself 

still waiting for the results of C A T scan to see if my tummy is in this state 

I have been trying to make one of these each morning with cereals in them at about 8am

and at lunch time having salad with cheese in it and a crisp bread 
for my dinner I am cooking as I was before this started 
I cook chicken - lamb - fish - what ever takes my fancy 

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