Friday, 3 January 2003

4-5-17- Letter to Hogan Howe - Giving in to what

up date on the 4 -5-17 time 18-40 
The woman on duty at this moment targeted my right leg with hard pain to make me stop doing my family tree because they know I eat at 6pm because of the helicobactor and need a good gap before each meal so I can eat -
 they do it at this time so they can say they made me eat and claim a victory only what she did then as soon as I put my rice on was target my tummy to make me go to the loo and when they do this it puts me of eating all together - once I had put the rice in the bin she stopped 
she then said she did not know I had been up most of the night going to the loo and that I have not eaten much all day 
she will now feel really proud of herself 

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