Friday, 3 January 2003

5-5-17- Letter to Hogan Howe -there is no answer to a why Q so wont ask one

From 5 am this morning they started causing me pain to my head they have done this so many time if I had a £ for ever time I would be top of the rich list 
The woman on duty said she wanted me to post what she was doing then when I got up she changed her mind and tried to say she had made a mistake this by be help her not to make any more
Last night they stopped me eating by causing me pain to my tummy  this morning they started the day by trying to make me hungry so I would over eat and then be sick but they can not do that now because I have brought all the right size bowls and  plates that give me the right amount that I can eat in comfort 
so I will not ask why they keep on with futile game because there is no answer to a why question and asking them for a reason will give me no answer because what can they say 

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