Friday, 3 January 2003

6-5-17 Letter to Hogan Howe they said

6-4-17 the men on duty started to target my eye and said they had been told not to leave me alone 
they all so said that they had a meeting on Friday my guess is they decide to carry on with there unworkable plan of causing me pain and blinding me 
over the last few days one of the woman said she felt it was not fair because they all ways had to give in when they were causing me pain and why couldn't I just give in once 
my reply to this is it should tell them ever thing they need to know about there plan by the fact they keep begging me to give in and keep trying to say they did not understand what they were doing when they started this, at last a few words of truth 
how many time I have pointed out that ever time I post it is evidence against them I do not know when I post they spend the rest of the day trying to get me to take it down using the same method as they used that made me up it up in the first place I have been pointing this out to them since 2007 and there remark was we know what we are doing some of us have degrees they did not say in what level of stupidity  they all so remind me that I can not even spell you do not need to spell to use your common sense you just to need to  think above the belt 

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