Saturday, 4 January 2003

8-8-17- Letter to Cressida - they will stop at nothing

The lack of sleep is taking its toll -_ am having trouble thinking and wanting to do the samples of thing and could go back to bed and have a good cry
this morning the woman on duty went through all the reason why they should be leaving me alone and then add we say all that and then just carry on,
The way I see this is she is not doing or saying anything different to what they have been doing for year's so if she thought she'd had an original thought she didn't they say the same thing over and over again - I think the have a box and just pull out a card and read from it

They never talk to me directly but say things like tell her she can not go to bed





had just gone to sleep and they woke me up
when they wake me up they target me to make me get out of bed and make me pee
then when I get back in to bed they do all they can to keep me awake by cause pain or sensation and even burning them - they all so make me hot all over as well as targeting my eyes


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