Saturday, 4 January 2003

9-8-17- Letter to Cressida - fed up with trying to explain

9-8-17 I am fed up with trying to explain why they will never make me compliant with there pain and that is because they have used it ever second of ever day making it redundant as a threat 
There prime objective was to see how long I would live while they were targeting me and they though I would last 6 months is that the  length of time other people have lasted but unlike them I have not been a drinker or taken drugs I do not even like taking pills the doctor has given me 
I have all ways been quite fit and what has upset them is after all these year they have done me no real harm 
They target my bodily  function think this will make me do there bidding how ever  they thought this would work I do not know, what were they going to say if you do not make a cup of coffee we will never make you wee again if they did I would go any way so far they have never even made me make a cup of coffee - they try and make me eat by targeting my tummy are they going to say we will never make you hungry again they are doing this because I am have trouble eating because of the Helicobacter it make you feel full all of the time so you never want to eat and when you do you want to be sick to get rid of it , I have never done this because it would be the end of the road and I gave my word to my sister I would eat three times a day and will not break my word to them,
When you use the weapons they use on someone and tell them to get use to it because they are going to do it until you are on your death bed it becomes just part of your life - I no they will wake me to pain and target me through the day - I no when I go to the kitchen they will target my back and the same when I hang out the shopping or ant thing I have to do standing up - what it has done is make me do thing in a different way 
you can not change your prim objective because the victim has out lived your expectation 

8-8-17 -2049




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