Wednesday, 30 June 2004

this about the people involved and how they fit in

                                               dose he Cameron  report to the Cabinet office

David Cameron

Theresa may report to ^

Boris Johnson report to ^

                                                     Hogan Howe reports to him^
Hogan Howe ^

   Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick ( specialist operation)

these are the uniformed ranks in the Metropolitan police UK as far as I can find out
the real question is who answer to who and what do they know
there is all so undercover police officer and how they fit in to the picture, my guess is that the unit that has been set up to carry out the work of the Paten report was set up in secret and there are only known by the few,


Paten report 69 and 70

Chis Paten headed the Paten reports - he is now at the BBC
the question is dose he still have some involvement in them, and what real lies behind what they were trying to achieve


should MI5 knock on my door because someone should


Keir Starmer
when does he get to know


people who I have told 

                                    Jason McCarthy is my PM I told him and he never got back
Jason McCartney

                                       sent this idiot a letter which he gave to the Met to investigate

Boris Johnson ^
 and below Nottingham police I took them a copy when I looed after a lady in Nottingham

hospital involved
in 2004 the Metropolitan police had me sectioned to hear, when Dr Salem turned p to see the male nurse who came to get me said ' your psychiatrist is hear' I told him that I did not have a psychiatrist and had never seen one, I talked to Dr Salem and he asked me how I felt, I told him that I was exhausted and then he asked me if I talked to myself and I told him I talked to the radio when they said some thing on the news I disagreed with, he ask me to stay in the hospital for two week he took me of the section order but ask me to stay for two week, he made out a  for some pill which I never took and nobody made me, they discharged because I explained a painting to a girl called Jill,
I once went to Medway Hospital and ask to see him and they said they I was not one of his patient 

I do want to say that I was not treated badly while I was there and all the staff were very nice


I had my eye under there care

                                                         Calderdale Royal Hospital

Huddersfield Hospital
what I think and why on going 

 They told me I had to get use to the pain, they took away all hope of me returning to my life
they keep saying they have done no real harm, I am 67 and if they stopped now I would not get over it there is not enough time left, had I been 20 or 30 there would have been some change,

 Trust who can I ever trust now, It would not matter who they sent if ever they do to say this is over I will not be able to take there word for it because the office causing me pain ever day have lied to me all of the time by saying they have been told to stop what they are doing, they normal say we have been told to stop at midnight this is to make me think I will wake up and they will be gone, this is said to give me false hope to try and break me mentally,
what do we regard as freedom, to ever one it is different right now to me it is ever day things just doing them with out been in pain,

weapons companies


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