Wednesday, 8 January 2003

8 letter to hogan howe better night Brearley solicitors

last night was a bit better they did not target me as much when I got in to bed,
in some video I am talking about money, I did try and take them to court more to bring it to an end, I asked for an amount of money that  they tortured me in to asking for and when I refused to say how I would spend it the caused me nights of pain until I did so in the end I said I would put it in to a trust fund for my family,
the other thing they do is say they are going to pay me of when they are causing me pain as though that makes it OK, they call it having something on the table,
The thing is I have never wanted there money and have only ever wanted them in jail. when I went to the solicitor's there was a police office in the office on the left side at the top of the stairs  _ I have seen him a few times

I knew as soon as I spoke to the girls in the office that the police had spoken to them by the way they were with me, wonder what they found out about them or how much money they paid  them,




they are targeting my eye all of the time and my legs ever time I get up to do some thing

have had a sleep these are my eyes to day

have just been washing up and they targeted my back and knees all the time

snowdrops a promise of summer

this video was taken at 15-14 on the 9-2-14

have not had a bad afternoon until I got up to start my dinner then they started on my back the woman on duty said she thought I was putting the pain on when someone hits her across the back with a lump of wood I hope someone tells her to man up

I was doing a jig saw on line and they have been targeting my knee all of the time


 8-55 pm

9- 55 pm

the office on duty at this time is causing me pain to my right side it is some thing between a dull pain and a sharp one, what he said was 'she playing cards by the time she is finished she won't think it is worth posting' meaning he think he will get away with it

10-55 pm
the office on duty has targeted me for the last hour because he is not going to be told what to do by me, I never tell them what to do  what would be the point

 all the letters are in the Lable called letter to Hogan Howe

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