Friday, 31 December 2004

all the leg post starting January 2012- up dated 31-12-14-- targeting my eye again

Barry tower explains what there weapons can do- how they can target your inside with out leaving a mark which show the arrogance of the metropolitan police because they have delight in causing me sore and targeting my eye and have regard the videos as trophy the same way as some men who rape do


                                             these pic do not real tell just how bad my legs are

the black on my toe are sore where they have targeted it to trigger of the celluitis they do it there because my brother in law got when he got a sore between his toe

they started targeting my eye yesterday morning and are still doing it for no other reason then they can and they have been trying for year to blind me


5-47am and they are still causing pain to my eye 

                                                                they are still trying to blind me

they stopped targeting my eye for a bit but over the last few days they have started doing it again, what they do is fire the odd shot to see what I will do when I do nothing they increase it until they are full on again as it has been over the last few days - they seam to have forgotten the warning that was sent to them on the 3-10-14- - some of them after they have targeted me make remarks like I have been away and nobody told me thing had changed - they fill in a forms about what I do as I do as I do it I know this for a fact because when I was on the boat one of there office passed me and drop the file he had and I went to help him pick his paper work up - I could see my name written on a pink form- I just wish I had the courage I have now because I would take it from him - I would know him again

                           what can I say only to say there is no change, they are still trying to blind me


                                       I think I would be forgiven for thinking they are trying to blind me

the scars that you can see have been caused by them targeting my eyes all of the time this pic was taken yesterday - the black mark going from my forehead down is because they were causing me pain and they think it will not show up so they do not worrier about - on the left on my eye lid there is another black mark caused by them and on the right a white mark caused by them

they stop for a few days then start because they think it will shock me or bring me down they have been doing this for so long I just wait and see how long it will be before they start again - why are the woman all ways the one to start it off again,



they wake me up so they can target my eye in order to blind me and for no other reason and they take delight in what they are doing- they pain they cause is over whelming and more so because you are half a sleep and even though you no it is going to happen there is nothing you can do to protect yourself against there attacks -



what they have said is that they are punishing me now because I came up with the perfect plan after they target my hip - they thought I would not be able to go or look after my self I have all ways been very independent - once a man told me to look at the situation and come up with a simple plan and stick to it and my friend Margaret will tell you I am good at coming up with a plan my plans have saved her many time



they are surprised that I am posting this video as they think they have got better they have not,  they targeted me all day yesterday on and off and this morning from when I woke up until I went out -

it all most look like the person on duty was trying to make a z with there weapon and not for the first 
                                                                          13-11-14- 0704

my leg this morning 
when they make it itch it feels like someone has pored itching powder all over your leg it is so intense, I have a cloth I use to rub it you just can not help your self  

they spent all night burning my leg and making it itch in the hopes it would set up an infection if I scratched it


when they target my face it makes my nose swell and effects my eye as well what they are using is microwave it goes in to the skin 1%16 of an inch so it will be doing the same to my eyes


8-11-14- 1343
the blue light is what cause the pin prick feeling in my eye 


this is a pic I took yesterday at 4ish

the white scare is what they have caused over the years by targeting the corner of my eye 

as you can see they have burst a blood vessel 

yesterday was another day of misery because they spent all day targeting my eye for there own pleasure I keep asking them what they get out of  what they are doing, there is never any reply to the question I ask,



they have been targeting my eye all day for the last few days and it is starting to cause sore under my eye lid, they no about the cellulitis yet they still they do it just so they can fill there boots  



the woman at 12-00 on duty has look at this posting and the pic below and said she did not know shooting me in the eye could cause what she had seen and then shot me in the eye 

the woman on duty this morning took delight at the pain she was causing me and thought the what she was doing would not show up because the is old - but I have made many videos on it

this is what cellulite of the eye looks like, 

wonder what has changed in the unit that is targeting me, 

no pain to eye all day yesterday or through the night

yet another night sleep wonder why that is the big question


when I got out of bed last night they did not target my eye this is the fist time they have not done this for week may be the penny is dropping that if they carry on what ever befalls  them will be even worse if they damage my eye any more then they have -
let us hope this continues the weapons they use on any level is painful 
the one they use in the night is deigned to cause maximum damage as there report show from the Paten report 69 and 70 you can find it at the bottom of the post

the two people on duty have been targeting my leg and at the same time saying how they should stop because of the cellulitis then they carry on, there other remarks have been to say they did not mean to take it this far and that they do not feel I can be happy been caused pain 

went to the bank this morning and the lady serving me said that her friend who is a lorry driver and cellulitiis and was taken ill while driving and nearly caused an accident on the motorway it was the first time it had happened to him -so glade I gave my car away - she all so told me that did I no that i could die from it the answer is no but I do now

if they carry on targeting my eye as they are doing they will blind me  and stand a good change off activating the cellulities -what they are doing is for there own pleasure and they have been warned once, it make me wonder if there is any one who has an control over these officers and why are they aloud to do as they please 


for the rest of the post look at letter to Hogan Howe 225 

21-10-14- look at 224 letter to Hogan Howe for all the videos 

my legs do not look like this because they burn them ever night to stop me from sleeping

my legs 19-10-14-

I did not cut my legs or had an sore until they started on my legs  


other people legs

you can get this horrible infection in any part of your body

when you have cellulitis it can effect any part of the body when they target me and burst a blood vessel it could trigger it off in my eye 

4-11-08 Halifax hospital after eye op
you can see the energy from there weapons 

you can see the energy from there weapons

there weapons 


this is what caused me to have it 

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