Friday, 31 December 2004

all the microwave video


 the sensation it cause is not painful when they target a crowed, but it dose have the capability to target one person with pain, when you first feel it you want to keep moving your legs you soon get use to it, at first I use to try and move my legs out of the way



I use to live in the second house down 189

                                                      I use to live in the white house

I use to live in the top flat left side,
when I brought this flat I was home helping( it is making dinner for old people who can not do it for them selves) I walked form job to job, one day one my way home soon after I brought this flat I had a job to walk home, in fact I thought I would not make it, when I opened the door I just lay on the floor, my son came with his wife and that is were they found me, the next day I went out and brought a moped so I could keep working, I did not learn to drive until I was 57ish, I think it had all ready started by then but it was just my legs,

I use to live on Medway Bridge Mariner

 I use go to this pub for lunch sometimes with my late son  Robert and his children there is a garden in the back

there is a garden at the back of the museum and you can take a coffee on a nice day and just sit

I have very happy memories of the castle gardens we and my sons spent many an afternoon there,

Rochester Cathedral there is a lovely coffee shop and garden hear and it is peaceful
I use to love going there foe a coffee


Grang Over Sands

the garden center


the man below is a police officer

 the church in Grang over sands


At Home cafe Grang Over sands

the two people in dark clothes are police officers 

the video below was taken in the bedroom I was useing

when I was looking after the lady in Grange Over Sands

Welton East Yorkshire

Cleveland Stock on Tees

all I can remember about the location is that there was shop across the road from the house, I took the lady I was looking after to a little cafe to break the day up for us, I am not say these are the shops just that they remind me of them


Chatham kent and Maidstone Kent
these are the house that my friend owned



Morton on the Marsh


Great Bowden

    Anleby  East Yorkshire

at the moment this is all I can find of my stay with this lady, do have a video of me in the car park at the shopping canter and will post it when I find it and the other videos


I took the lady I was looking after her to Lea gardens' 
it is real nice and we had a lovely afternoon 

this man is a police man

                                                   the village shop at Winster she lived along the road



I took my lady to Booths shopping we had a lovely time finish off with cake and tea, it has an old fashion feel about it, a lovely place to shop

Keswick is a nice place to visit did not see much of it because of work but would love to back in my own time


Pinner Middlesex
I have to honest I went to different ladies at this time one was in Pinner and I have no glue where the other was one, one lived in a bungalow the other in a flat, this I believe is the one in the flat because I can remember her daughter taking me to the bus stop and I have a video of going,
I could tell  you ever thing about the people I have look after, my problem is remembering the location, the list below was sent to me by the agency I worked for and we do not want to give out names and address, I use a satnav because I get lost with out one, my only saving grace is I am good with people, I all ways say I was not born to do paper work,

I only went for a few days and to be honest I can not remember the address or find it
all I can say is it was a nice house in a nice area and near to some shops and the lady liked sausages and the someone came to get her up ever though we were there and put her to bed,

you can see the energy from there weapons coming from the right side, the pain was so bad that night there was a time that I was banging my head against a glass door, I was beside my self,


going home from Nottingham the first time

the man below is the same man who was in the CAB, and on the train the second time I went to Nottingham, and I have more pic of him to come

going to Nottingham the second time


 sitting by the window in the bedroom I was using


                                                you can see projectiles going around the lamp

video to be posted for the below list

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