Tuesday, 27 December 2005

1- 2002 january police men in the pub who I now have nicknames for

over the Christmas and new year of 2002 I had been looking after a lady and to be honest I can not remember her name or what part if the country she was in, what I do remember was we had a problems with fly
's I went to take her to bed one night the there were fly,s coming down from the loft I had to get fly spray and and open the windows, they just kept coming so I found a ladder and thick plastic sheet and some thumb tacks and put it over the loft opening then put another bit and before a I put in the last tack sprayed lot of fly killer in it the result was with the window open to bring down the heat and the fly killer I end up with a bad chest so when I left a couple of days later I was not at my best but I had arranged to meet a friend and did not want to put her off she meet me at the station and we went back to the boat -
the next day we went to Camden lock and on the way back we got stuck in the ice but made it back to my moorings and decide to go on to this pub 
there was snow on the ground and by this time my chest was getting real sore, the pub was quite and there was a real nice fire there so we tried to build it up but could not get it going then some men came in and said if they could sit by the fire with us they would get it going which they did they  even brought us a drink 
we sat talking and they said they were from Bristol  and that they were cable pulls I said my x did the same kind of work and they said who they had worked for it was the name of a firm that I recognised,  when the pub closed they got me some logs for my fire and came on the boat for a cup of coffee, one of the men was eating indigestion tables one after another and because I  felt unwell I went to bed and left my friend drink coffee with them 

the next day I went back to my mooring and I  friend went home it might have been that day or the next that I went to the cafe for something to eat when I  saw one of the men who had been in the pub, I stopped him and asked him about his friend who was eating the the indigestion tablets and said he need to see a doctor sooner rather then later I did not say why ( I have a theory that when people start eating them like sweet it means there is some very wrong and have known 3 people who did this and they had the big C)
the man I spoke to on that morning I call the handbag snatcher not that he has ever done that but I have seen him many times and one occasion he sat on the next table to me in a cafe and looked at my bag,
he is about 5-11 quite I was going to say fit looking no hair,well made with out been fat if you know what I mean 

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