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2- 2003 Hospital rape- Eastborn - poilce

when I went to live on the canal I end up on this Marina because it was near to the underground and good for the work I did 
I left the boat hear while I went to work knowing it was safe 

I was on a pontoon like this only mine was the very last one 

when I was at home I moored out side the and do a bit of fishing 

or go and mooing outside this cafe at Denham Deep
when I was at home I would help Fay by waiting on the table and doing a bit of clearing up 

I know I had moored there on the Thursday because I was sitting at the front of the boat when someone came through the lock and moored up - the man on the boat came and asked me if I had seen a boat called what ever it was and I said no- if I had to describe this man I would say he looked like a hill billy 
the next day when I was in the cafe he came in and started talking to Fay and he said he was looking for her husband as he had some things to sell, he was a bit odd and she asked me to stay until her husband came home he went ever Friday to get the stock, so I did 
How long I was home for I can not say because by this time I was looking after a lady for Bowood Care Agency and some time went week before I had time off 
the lady I was looking after died in May 2003 I think I have to confess that I am not good on dates
when I came back the next time he was still outside the cafe 
I made him the odd cup of tea and gave him the odd bits of food and never gave him any encouragement of any kind in any other direction and I was still seeing Paul ever now and again
before I got the mooring at Browns Meadow I moored outside this pub 


I was up from this spot a bit the verge got wider and you could sit under the trees there were railings that my dog could get through and she did she learnt this trick from the dog that lived on the boat behind who was called dog 

I was waiting for an eye operation and because it was not at Hillingdon need I lift home and went to the Salvation Army and asked them if they knew anyone who could take and bring me back as no one had a car on the mooring at the time they did this for me 

I left Rosy with a man called Kevin the boat Painter while I went for the Op I can not remember just how many days I was in there for to be honest or what day I came home but I have a feeling it was a Saturday 
Kevin brought Rosy back to me and said he would bring the rest of the thing in a bit which he did, I had made a coffee and asked him if he wanted one he said know I had left my coffee cup on the work top, 
what happened next 
he told me not to let Rosy sleep in the bed as he had got her to sleep in her own bed 
he went and I went to bed for a rest and rosy came with me that was in the afternoon and I can not remember waking up again, what I do remember Paul voice and waking up  very sore the next day, he moved and went by my boat he could not look at me 

how long after this that Bowood care agency ask me to do a job in Eastbourn I can not tell you
but took the job so that I could get away and have time to think and try and come to understanding of what had happened to me 
I had told a couple who lived a few boats down called Richard and Samantha they were both really nice people as were all the people on that mooring 
The man in the boat behind me got a car and drove me to Eastbourn and came and got me when the job ended how long I was there foe I do not no and can only tell you that the house backed ob to a school 
I did got to some little shops near by and a vet to get some travel sick pill for Rosy 
when I was in Eastbourn I phoned them and ask if there was something that could be given to you that would allow you to be raped with out you knowing but knew and told them what had happened to me, they said there was nothing 

 The pic below is the house that 
Bowood Care Agency is run from
Laurel Cottage 
Down - Orpington
when you are not straight with the Tax man and employ people who are on benefits you leave your self open to blackmail from all kinds of people 

what happened next is now unclear because I have spent years putting it out of my mind and right now do not want to recall all  the details 
I made the decide  to move on something that I had intended to anyway as I wanted to see all the canals 
what day I left I do not know   
what I can tell you is that I was in Berkhamsted on the 10 of September and was back hear 13 of Oct 2003

in between this I went back to Uxbridge because of something I heard on the BBC news and they were saying that not enough woman were coming forward when they had been raped and even if they could not arrest the offend at the time they could build up a profile of them

when I went back I did not go straight to the police and was plucking up the courage to go when they broke on to the boat again - I went to the little shop and on the way meet someone from one of the other boats who had his children with him and what he said was 'it is time you went to the police' I went in to the shop and brought some sweet lot of them and went to the police station 
how long after this I moved on I do not know
pc421xh came to talk to me I told her I had kept the sheet she did not want them, 
it happened again and I told her I could not stay there she told me I was luck that I could move on as most woman had to stay put 

the worst thing I have done in my life was going into the police station in Uxbridge
I would advice any one who is raped with in the Metropolitan police area to find I man or men who are good with there fist and beat the crap out of them. because going to the police is worse then been raped multiple times they leave you feeling worthless and traumatised 

my journey to Banbury 
I spent the fist night of my journey hear I stopped for diesel  and when I paid and was walking away from the office the woman who worked there who had all ways been friendly did not spoke to me but said to another woman that is the girl who was raped 


while I was hear the second time pc421xh phoned me to say that the sheets I had saved could not be used for D and A because my dog had slept in the bed 

Leighen Buzzed
I spent the night hear after travelling  with another boat the were a married couple with a child 
there were men outside my boat that night and one of them said ' he would have been better off keeping her she can do the boat cook and get wood as well as do the locks '

after this I do not know where  I moored stopped before the first long tunnel because my headlight was not working and they said they could not fix it so found a torch and the couple who were filling up said I could follow them through
there were two men all by the pumps one is the one I call many coats he is the one who was in the magistrate court 

Banbury 2003 
when I first arrived at Banbury I spent a few night hear 
and  back towards spiceball park
while I was still hear I hurt my toe and had to go to the hospital to have it looked at 
what happened was some went wrong with the boat engine and he drooped the bit on my toe 
I know I was there over Christmas 

then was moved to hear after Christmas 
it was better hear for getting gas and shopping 

my state of mind
I walked rosy three times a day did my shopping when I need to and think I was going quietly mad and PC421xh came and intreviewd at Banbury police station she said she had not been able to do it before because the video room was booked up, not what the office who showed us the room said on the day
while I was there some men came on to the boat I put my hand over rose mouth and kept still at the time I thought it was the rapist I now believe it was the police 
it was them  who had followed right through the canal 

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