Saturday, 31 December 2005

10- 2005 Wimbledon and Chalfont- st -Giles and going to Uxbridge police st

my work record for 2005
i did not have a Mobile phone at this time 
I have been sitting thinking and I did have a mobile phone they did not have   video capabilities on them
I brought one Banbury before I moved back to the Medway towns the man who sold it to me is the one I call Mike who is 6-7 at least and well built -I have seen him many time since 
these people worked there at the time 
He once came in to the garden center in Huddersfield and brought some wellington for his children and the staff thought it was nice because he is big man 
saw him in Rochester 

the next phone I got was from hear stopped for the loo and a coffee
and took a peep at the phones and the man there told me to feel free to look as he would not sell me one -still wondering how I ended up buying it I am still with the same phone company 

                                    I loved this job the lady I was looking after was German who had forgotten how to speak English because of her dementia - she had a Russian lodger and the cleaner was a man from Brazil on a Saturday we all had lunch together and put the world to rights-
the lady I was looking after went to a day centre ever day except Sunday so I had time to go shopping I went one day to a Waterstone  to buy a book and spotted two men following me - one I call clown man and the other I call Stan he remind me of Ronnie Barker in the prison thing he was in - So I turned around and started to walk towards them I have never seen them move so quickly  - I then turned around and went and hid Stan walked around the corner to be meet by me brought my thing and did the shopping and went back to the the flat -

                                                    Chalfont St Giles
I went to the shop one afternoon and when I go there the all the staff were outside and looking at a car that was driving off, when I asked them what was wrong they said they had been given a dud 50 pound, we all went inside and they ask me what they should do and I told them  to get the police and  to keep the CCTV the next thing a lady came in to the shop I knew who her on sight, she was the same woman who had been on the train when I went to my Mum in 2004 the Easter week end I got my stuff which I think may have been fags for the lady I was looking after

I went between these two job for sometime and it was while I was at this one my brother in law moved me to Huddersfield

                                                                         Birmingham 4-9-05              
                                                      I had moved to Huddersfield by this time
The lady I looked after was called Jean and she had thousands of book on ever thing you can think of, so why did I chose to read one on torturer - I have to say that I did not understand quite a lot of it  I think may be it was because at the time I was been followed - I saw Stan hear as well one is own - my car broke down and had to get it fixed while I was there the odd job man found someone for me bless him- once I got out of Buckingham which was hard and got on to the M1 I stopped for the loo and there was a man from  the RAC who was packing up told him  to wait as I need to join which I did in case I broke down, my mum use to make me a tea and when I got there we saw an add for Satnav and she ask me if I had ever thought of buying one as I was so late getting back - brought one the next day and we went for a drive and set it to get us home again,

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