Saturday, 31 December 2005

11- 2005 Grange Over Sands

I coming to Grange Over Sands in October 2005 
I got to know it quite well as I took the lady I was looking after out ever afternoon we did all the coffee shops in turn and we took it in turns to pay 
the lady I was looking after had short term memory loss and could be difficult you just need to understand her and at time she could be funny 
bless her she thought she was in her 40 and was in her 80 and was still looking for a husband 

I have often wonded what hotel they stayed in when I was hear or if they rented a house in the end what I o know is there expense account will have been used, and do know the man who was in the ambulance got money from the cash point at the co-op one Christmas and I think it was the first because after that I did a Christmas dinner for me and the lady I was looking after due to her behaviour 

This is Grathwaite Manor Hotel
On Thursday we use to meet the friends of the lady I was looking after for lunch 
did they stay hear that first week I would have it is lovely and the food is good 

the lady I looked after lived in this road and can not think of the name of it 

they had started  causing me pain by this time but at the time I did not realise it they were using there voice thing and it is hear they started using noise as well 

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