Saturday, 31 December 2005

12 -2006 Haddon and shock wave over car

while I was in West Haddon a strange thing happened I was driving to the next village a long a country road there were no car behind me and only one coming towards me and then before it passed a wave of engery passed through the car and I had a real job to keep the car on the road 
at the time I made a drawing of what happened but can not find it but have found two other drawing I did about that time as I had not started making video yet 

I have marked Grange over sands with the word ear that is because it is when I fist started hearing the sound that is on a lot of my videos - I think they started to use this because they ran out of things to say, you can only comment on what some one is doing so many times  day 

this is a pic of the house that the lady I was looking after lived in

it is off one of these roads at the round about 

I remember this pub and wondered if they were staying there

this is like the drawing I  did at the time 
the car that passed me was driving at speed 

I am not good at work but need to record what was going on somehow for myself at the time 

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