Saturday, 31 December 2005

3-2-14 time 16-48 The Metropolitan police and secctioning

I have just had a very strange phone call from some one looking for a Mary which is my name, she said she was called Lesley and would not tell me who she was, when I gave My full name she said was looking for a Mary Higgins and put down the phone,
the last time I got a phone call from some one called Lesley she was a social work and came to section me and failed, I was then giving a social work called Peter who came for a while,

The strange thing was that when Lesley came  she ask to speak to alone and ask me to say that I had never been raped I would not agree to this, if she were real a social work why did she ask me to do this

when I first reported the rape PC 412xh kept asking me if the men were black I had to tell her over and over again that they were not
are they going to try again

I refused to take there pill and they did not try to make me

they came and told me I could go home in a few days so discharged myself they did not give me an appointment  to see anyone once I got home and in deed when I first tried to get the paper work they said they had not heard of me,

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