Saturday, 31 December 2005

HuddersfieldHospital 4-11-08

the day before I went in to hospital I was working in Nottingham the hospital phoned me on the way home, I came straight home and had a take way
my brother in law took me to the hospital
when I go there I had to wait for a bed
I would like to say that the nurse were all real good and have no problem with them only with the management for allowing the police to set up in the hospital

4-11-08 -0720

in the video above you can see there is movement from there weapons and a projectile is just hitting me on the head

4-11-08 -1215

I had just come around from the operation and they were all read targeting me,
they all so targeted me in  the room they take you to straight after the op they targeted my back, the nurse who was looking after me could not make out what the hell had happened

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