Friday, 30 December 2005

4 -2004 Easter weekend

Easter weekend, 
on the Saturday I became real very frightened and can not remember what happened in the early part of the day I know I phoned Jenny Hedges and she came for me,it was quite late she said she was on her way back from London, 
she took me back to her house and I stayed there I took some clothes with me and my plan was to go to see to see if I could start work for Bowood Care Agency, I must have phoned Sheila and she said I could go there Anthea had gone to Liverpool for some treatment and would not be back until the Monday and she said I could stay with her, jenny took me in her car, 
On the way there a strange thing happened Jenny ask me if I could hear a voice I did not respond 
when we arrived at Sheila's we all had tea and jenny left 

Sheila had her grandchild there so we could not talk a lot 
Sheila got a phone call and said she had to go and see her neighbour 
Anthea came the next day and I knew as soon as I spoke to her that she had spoken to the police we spoke for a bit and she said I could go and stay with her, I wanted to take my things but she told me to leave them, when we left the Sheila we turned right and I knew we were going the wrong way for her house, One of them ask the other if they knew the way to some place or other and there was need for that question to  be ask, to me it seamed we went all over  the place  think it was to confuse me and in the end I told them that if they did not stop I would open the car door and jump we were only go slow because we were in a built up area, they stopped and I got out and went it to a phone box and then spotted a travel agent that was open and went in and ask  them to phone for a taxi as I did not feel  well, bless them they did 

The taxi came and I told him to take me to King x this he started to do, He was a Russian and we chatted as you do then he got a phone call and I knew by the way he changed that it was about me, I looked on his meter got some money out and gave it to him and got another taxi a black cab,
At the station I brought a ticket for Huddersfield and waited for the train the man who told us the train was in was the man below who was in heartbeat I can remember thinking that he was more assertive then the person he plays 

nothing happened on the way there we got to Leeds  and I had to change for Huddersfield the train was over crowed and I sat by the door, a blond haired woman stood  next to me she was a size 12 and her hair was in a bob 
I went to my sister house and when I got there I knocked and got no answer and sat in the garden for a while, then decide to go around the house to see if there was a door open and saw my mum in the Granny flat and she let me in,
I told her what had happened me and she gave me drink as by that stage I  was stuttering I do when I am up set, I stayed over night and decide to go back to Kent what my reasoning for doing this was god only knows,
On the way back I saw the same woman who had stood next to me from Leeds to Huddersfield and I have seen her many times since, one one occasion I was with my mum in Sainsbury in Huddersfield and I brought a dish there was only the three of us in the cooking bit I brought a dish which I still have you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife for some reason she looked passed me to my mum,
I saw her all so when I was looking after a lady and I had gone to the shop the staff were all stood out side and I ask them what was wrong and they said that the man in the car that was driving off had given them a dud 50 pound noat I told them to phone the police and they had CCTV she came in to the shop, I payed for my stuff and left them to it 

 I went back to Jenny and she was out her daughter was in, and we went for fish and chips and then she went to the gym and I watched the TV and feel asleep,
Jenny woke me up and said there was someone to see me, ( i wish I could put the picture in my head on this page instead of having to describe it) hear goes 
there are two step that come from the dinning room in to the living room and there was a woman sitting on them, she had short hair dark and a dark jacket on she told me she was a social worker and I ask to see some ID and she said she had left it in the car so I told her to go and get it, she got up and went the door went and I thought it would be her but the room filled with people and I looked at Jenny and her face told me ever ting I need to know, a lady put a brief Case on the table and was very careful how she did it, she  Indian by the fire was a blond haired woman who said they were the mantel health team and I ask to see there ID they refused and said  they had showmen jenny I told them ever thing that had happened to me and it would not have matted to what I said they were going to section me,
the question is how did they know I was there, it could have only been because they had followed me and of cause I now know they had jenny on side and had had for a while since two police office viewed her house.
her sin is marrying a man for money which she told me on the boat and smoking pot while been a social worker
they told me they had sent for an ambulance and as i left i had to pass jenny and told her that I would not forgive her and i would be come and seek her out 

in the ambulance 

a man took me to the ambulance and got in with me there was all so the lady ambulance attendant she gave me a blanket and then went to put the seat belt on and I thought she was going to put me in a straight jacket we set off they still had not told me where they were taking me so I looked out of the window,then he spoke the policeman and said Mary I want to tell you I told him to call me Mrs Hughes and not to talk to me at all, he tried again and again I told him not to talk to me, the third time I ask which of the word I had spoken he did not under stand he said no more 
the lady ask him if he had just sectioned me he said yes ans she said I hope you know what you are doing and he said so do I  

after a few days a phyctrst came to talk to me and I told him what had happened and he prescribed the pills below but no body made me take and in the end they gave me a date to leave so I told them I was going home that day and discharged my self 
he did ask me if I talk to my self told him I spoke to the radio when they said something I disagreed with and he ask me to give him a for insistence and I did 

had I taken any of these pills they would have finished me off 

the police are asking if any thing is known about me and can they get a 172
I think it is a section order 

one year later they talked to Paul Bailey
they have said that they told him I wanted to kill him and he is supposed to have fell of his chair with laughter

for info about the paper work from the police look reports by police black 

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