Friday, 30 December 2005

5- 2004- my birthday and the TV and the white van + update for 2004

A few days before they sectioned me I cut my wrist a little bit because they were trying to drive me mad, they had started the voice thing and were talking all of the time- when I did this they ran what I can only call a running commentary on what I was doing - in the end I went to bed and one of the office on duty said' I have been waiting for that 
the thing is my boat was on the pontoon in the pic below and with the tide out and the curtains closed how did they know what I was doing 
at the time they did a running commentary on ever thing I did from making the bed to peeling the Veg and every thing in between including how I washed myself 

the question is how did they know what I was doing the curtains were closed and no body knocked on the 
door and even if the tide had come in and I was at ground level they could not have seen in 

I gave my dog back to the breeder before I was sectioned 

this was after I had been sectioned 
Terry got a satellite dish at this time and said he would hook me up to it I said no- I once heard him on the phone because he was standing on the pontoon say she dose not want it and I can not make her, the other thing is how did he know it was my birthday he brought me a box of chocolates I did not tell him 

this was before I was sectioned  
the other thing that happened was a white van followed me,I was going to get some dog food and went up the Maidstone road Rochester going towards Maidstone and then went on to the Maidstone road Chatham going toward Chatham and stopped at the large dog shop opposite the Tiger Mouth the van followed me there and kept behind me on the way home I had gone towards Chatham but turned on to St Williams way and then gone around Mooring road and on to The Tide way and back on to the Maidstone road Rochester that way, the van stayed behind me and when I got back to the boat I phoned PC421xh and told her I all so told her if she phoned the mariner office that they would be on there CCTV - never heard any more 

UPDATED on  12-8-14-
I can not say with all honesty if it was before Easter or after Easter that one of the officer wives had a baby and they called her Milly 
all so at this time one of the officer was training to become a Buddhist and he was not comfortable with what he was doing - the man on duty said he was a Catholic and there was only so many hail Mary's he could be given 
I went to the doctor at some time around this time and got some pill for depression who ever was on duty when I got home told me not to take then as it would be over soon so emptied the bottle in to the river -poor fish -- the thing is I only went in the first place because they kept on at me 

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