Friday, 30 December 2005

7- DC Roope - letter form the metropolitan police about me saying I wanted no contact with them

In this letter the office DC Roope has written and said that I want nothing more to do with the police which is true I did phone him  and I did say that word for word, I think he played back a recording of the conversation and wrote it word for word, as far I was concerned it was the end of the matter
before this I had sent for all the paper work and they said if I got rid of it they would leave me alone, I was not sure what to do with it that I could dispose of it in safety so I wrapped it up and went to Rochester Bridge and throw it in to the water 
I did not tell DC Roope I had done this as far as I can remember 

they had sectioned me and as you can see from the paper work below that I discharged my self 
I was offered the pills prescribed ever day and refused them and nobody tried mt make me take them -Had I taken these pills they would have finished me 

in this letter they are asking if they can take out a 172 I  think it means they were looking to section me
if you look in Easter 2004 there is a fuller explanation of what happened 

this is a page from the Patten report 69 and 70 and shows they were looking for way to use there weapons covertly 

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