Friday, 30 December 2005

6 -2004 moving off the boat and starting work

I decide that I need a job and applied to a care agency on the new rd 
there office was in one of these house on the New Road Chatham they are on the right hand side was you come from Rochester I got my police clearance check while I was there but can not remember how long I worked for them, I had to look for a living job because the money was not that good  

I am not sure if I was still working for the above when I moved To the flat below in Hoppers Road or not 

I found a job with Help at Hand who are in Warwickshire and they sent me to look after a lady in Huddersfield so on my time off I was able to go to my sister  the other person I look after for them was in Gerard's Cross her name was Mrs James 
I went back and forwards between these two job for quite a while 

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