Friday, 21 March 2003

83 LETTER TO Hogan Howe 4-5-14- taken samples and have kept them

yesterday the men on duty targeted my eye all evening with what I call the pin prick the last of these words is how I see them 

the woman on duty targeted my leg last night with the itch thing 
when they do this it leaves a white stuff on my legs they use it to hid any injuries they have caused 

this is a close up of  the white stuff

and this is after I have cleaned it up a bit what you can see on the top is small wounds that have bleed 

I post this in 20012 when they caused real bad sore on my legs 
what I did was take samples from my legs of the white stuff and have kept them 

the light and how it behaves is very strange 

4-5-14- 0140
in this video you can see the energy from there weapons 


in this video you can see the energy from there weapons filling the room and hear the noise I have lived with since 2004


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