Saturday, 22 March 2003

84 letter to Hogan Howe 5-5-2014 my legs and other pain

they burn my legs every night and god know why they achieve nothing by it only to keep me awake they have been doing this for years, one of the men on duty a while ago said they had all the dater they need and what they were doing now was violence for violence sake and of late one of them said they should have left me alone while I was working and that my age is against me, the man on duty said they had put to much work in to what they have done to me to give up,  what they are trying to see is how long someone can live while been targeted, I do not think they thought I would still be hear 10 years on 

4-5-14- 1319  am

5-5-14- 2341

5-5-14-0319 pm


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