Monday, 6 January 2003

6 open Letter to Hoga Howe - day 11 -1-08


when I was going to bed they targeted my knee's to the point I could hardly walk, my left knee has all ready had two operation on it, the pain is crucifying then when I got in to bed they targeted between my legs, they do this ever night I call it the raping hour,  lost count of the times they have woken me up they are still targeting my chest

time 10-54
the man and woman on duty are targeting my eye and knee and back causing  extreme pain, what they have said is they hope it brings me down,,

taken at 10-45 what I was trying to do was make a plum pie for my brother in law as a thank you for helping me sort out my car

this is a close up what they shine in to my eye it feels like a pin

I had key hole surgery at Hillingdon Hospital in the early two thousands it was before 2003, the man who did was a south African and he told me that I would not have any pain in my knee and I did not until they started to targeting, in face my knee was so good I was able to do lock and live on my boat with ease

my knee is swollen and has a lump on it

  they are still burning the low part of my leg when I get in to bed but I have to say not as bad as they were

they cause me pain right in the centre of my knee


I was looking after a lady in Henley when I made this video


the orange thing is a projectile from there weapon


because I have not posted as many videos the woman on duty has just said that they had got away with what they had been doing to me this evening hear is a video taken a few moments a go you can see the movement from there weapons
they all so said they felt they had been better must have blinked and missed it,
it feels a bit like sand in your eye all of the time


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