Thursday, 2 January 2003

2 letter to Hogan Howe -- my eyes 23-04 25-12-13

Hi Bernard, I can call you Bernard can I, I have been to my sister and had quite a nice day, and was feeling quite happy, the woman and man on duty are saying that they have been told they have to bring me down, so they have been shooting me in my eye,
Let me explain why you will never bring me down, you have left it to late, had you told me to stop working after the night of September of 2006 and walk on hot coals I would have done it, but you did not you in fact have never ask me to do any thing you wanted nothing from me only to use me as your whipping boy, when I first took you to court and lost as I knew I would, your officer told me they had been given cart blanch to do with me as they wanted for the rest of my life and I had better get use to it, well I have the pain you cause me is nothing but an in  convince to me and an opportunity for your office to release any sexual gratification they are feeling,
you can not blackmail because I have not done any thing wrong, you can not say it is reach because you have never once asked me for my video or checked  the pain you have caused me, I have never spoken to any of your office, all you wanted to do is see how long someone could live and function while been targeted, you picked the wrong woman but I did tell that bunch of cowards you employ, you sent them to Raythone for training but I had someone much better then them who trained me,  Who would have thought that survive skills taught to a young girl would come in so useful to the old girl I am now, - this lot keep telling me that they are the best you have, that is why I pity them you see I have had only had you go up against and you sadly have had me,  
You tried to bring me down after I was raped and it did not work then and it will not work now, that was when I  was at my lowest, your Idiots had me sectioned and what I realised was I was better of staying in hospital for two week and getting myself together of cause you made mistake there because I was not made to take the pill prescribed and when have told me they were going to discharge me in one week I then discharged myself, and I went to work, your office have problem, they are self deloused as are you if you think you can bring down a woman like me, I am worth more then all of you,
now you will pretend that you know nothing of this blog but we both know you will have peep who will report back to you
let me wish you and your office ever thing you have ever wished me for the coming year
my name is Mary Hughes
I do not forgive
I do not forget
expect me

there other comment is if we had left her alone when she was working we could have walked away from this,
I would suggest with no respect what so ever you stop playing golf and tell the inadequate twats you have employed to leave me alone


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