Thursday, 2 January 2003

2 , letter to hogan Hoge , video made on 3-1-08,

I have never told any one just how much I have been targeted and have only ever put up the odd video, I know they do not want me to  show the extent of there attacks on me, so have decide to put one old video for ever hour they cause me pain, if you do not want people to peep at these video I surgest that you stop doing what you are doing and leave me to live what is left of my life in peace because as long as I have breath in my body I will fight back,

midnight they spent the first hour I was in bed targeting me

4am they woke me up and targeted me so I wold go to the loo

8am coffee in bed they targeted me all of the time

9am while I was in the shower they targeted me all of the time

10am making my breakfast and making fruit syrup, they targeted my back all of the time to the point that I just want to sit down and my chest

11am I am doing my blog and they have turned down the pain

midday - what they are doing now is casing me pain to my back and other parts I can not make a video of

1pm the woman on duty said it is not fair that  am posting ever hour, what is not fair is that they are

causing me pain ever second of ever day, I went to make a sandwich and a cup of coffee and they targeted by back from the moment I stood up until I sat down again

time 6-50, have had some thing to eat and washed up, they targeted my back all of the time, while trying to clean the top of the cooker I had to rest one arm on the work surfers and clean with the other hand, it takes me longer to do each task, this afternoon they were saying that it was no good causing me pain when I was sitting down as it was not as painful as when I was trying to do something

time 21-01
the woman on duty has been targeting my eye for the last hour

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