Monday, 6 January 2003

6 - hogan howe Good luck

Hi Bernard are you spending the day with your family hope so, right now they think you are an ok kind of guy, what will they think of you when this get out, what will the new year bring for us both, I wish on you and your family ever thing you have wished on mine,
by the way the good luck as your men see it is maryhd63 has shown up on my time line or what ever they call this new google chrome, they are back to there old tricks of trying to offer me some thing to take it down, but as they have broken there word time and time again there are no deals to be made, as you well know that is why you are still on my blog because they said they would leave my eye alone and broke there word as soon as it was given, there other remark regarding there word is that when they give it they can break it when ever they want, not very encouraging is it,

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