Wednesday, 22 January 2003

22 letter to Hogan Howe 24-2-14 all so ( 1-1-08-2128)

last night was not good and I do not feel any better to day, the lady below me was telling her care work that she had heard me in the night 
24-2-14 - 2250

24-2-14 2254

the black thing is the on and off switch to the lamp 
 I just  made a small video of when I was woken up for my record  with these three 2357-0147-0400







the officer on duty at 17-50 has been making my feet itch for the last few hours this is how he has made them, he all so said he thinks this will bring me down 

the white stuff is from there microwave weapon

the officer on duty has been targeting my eye all evening 

1-1-08 -2232
this is the last of  the new year day 08 one that will live on in my memory for all time 
in the video below I am explaining how there heat weapon make you feel,
at this time I was not on the internet and heard about it the year before in the middle of the night on the BBC news

I made this video on the 25-1-07 -

I have put the news report about what I have said in letters to hogan Howe

1-1-08 -2128
the effects you can see in the video below can not be see by the naked eye, I do not know why the video on a phone picks it up


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