Thursday, 9 January 2003

9 letter to Hogan Howe - 13-2-14 all so ( 1-1-08-0108+ 0110)

the movement on this video is caused by there weapons, they target my head all of the time to try and make me lose my memory

they woke me at 4-30 so they could target me, they did it by making my leg itch it cause the rash you see, they were all so targeting me with a sharp pain that has cause a very small sore,  will have to keep an eye on it, they  were all so burning my leg

as ever they were and still are targeting my eyes

hear are some videos from 2008
I have posted these before and made a pig ear of as only I can do

this light is from the Metropolitan police non-lethal weapons


the woman on duty has been targeting me in the eye all evening, and man on duty has just said that I can only leave the hose when he say so, he need to get real

hear is one from 1-1-2008- 0108

I wish some one could explain what this light is , if it were a reflection it would be in the mirror 

1-1-08 0110
the paten on my cheek is caused by there weapons

you can see the paten there weapon cause more in the video

the light on my face is caused by them

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