Wednesday, 8 January 2003

8 letter to Hogan Howe pain and concquence 1-2-14

I have not been up long because your office one a woman who said she felt sorry for me kept me in bed all morning with pain to my to my head and back as well as making me cough,
Good new over 22 thousand people have watched my videos, wonder how many more will take a peep.
you do no that they tortured me to put them up, ever morning they would wake me at 7am and if my legs were not bad enough to post they would shot me in the eye's until I took a pick and posted, I did tell them that they were making me post videos that one day would send them prison with any luck, not very bright are they,
at 9pm yesterday when I was laying in bed I told the officer on duty that from midnight I would post a video for ever hour that they cased me pain, I have stared with 2008 there are 370 + in one folder and I will post ever one if I have to, there response to this has been she has to let us cause her pain, and we need to find a spot to target her so she dose not no, the weapons you are using were made to be felt at any level hear are the fist three lets see how many you get by the morning,
some time ago they said if I stayed up till midnight they would leave me alone till 6am, they have never once kept to this even though I stay up till  midnight when I go to bed early it is because I feel unwell when I do this they wake me up ever hour as a punishment - there are 21 video

                                            ALL THE VIDEO WERE MADE ON  1-1-08 this was many of long  attacks against me that are still going on to this day


                                                   1-2-14, I have had a very bad night, on Saturday I go to my sister for  breakfast there are about 6 of s and we take it in turn to buy not sure if it is my turn on not, they can not target me as much when I am there so I have a bit of rest bit,

this is what happened to  during the night of the 1-1-08 how I was still alive in the morning I do not no, and it is a thought that I  have ever morning that I wake up'
the woman on duty at 21-55 has just said that she did not think had put p enough videos to cover the hours that they have targeted me since midnight and she feels that it now give her some free time to o as she please, she has spent the last hour targeting my left eye for her own amusement and to impress the man sitting next to her




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