Saturday, 11 January 2003

11 letter to Hogan Howe, forgetfulness 14-2-14 all so (1-1-08- 0436+0451+0532+0542)

this was taken in the middle of the night they were making my leg itch and burning it at the same time, because some one had not told them they were not doing it any more, they use this excuse as a get out because they think I will feel sorry for them, I don.t I just think they are a pathetic bunch of  no hope's
There problem is on the one hand they would like my legs to look better then they do in case I end up in hospital with my lump, on the other hand they want to stop me sleeping in hope it bring me down mentally, this will work, I will leave you think about why,
I know you fill in forms about what I do each day because there was someone on duty a little while a go that was in a two and eight about what to put a drink under that I made, the drink was cold milk with camp coffee in it better with ice, he did not know if he should put it under milk or coffee.
now for a trip down memory lane, when I lived at Medway bridge Mariner one of your men drop a file in front of me I saw the paper work with my name on it, I just wish that I had the courage I have now then because I would have taken them, but I was new to all this then, now I would not think twice about taking them because what can you do to me that you have not done all ready,

last night they woke me up three time so \I am posting three videos from 2008 in these videos I am talking about how they are targeting my gums and teeth, the pain is so bad when they do it there have been times I have wanted to put my head through a window

1-2-08 -0436

1-1-08 - 0451

I went shopping this morning and while I was sitting in the car they made me cough had I been moving I would have lost control, while I was going around the shop they targeted me all the time

in the pic below you can see a projectile going in to my eye
I bet the question you are asking your self is why did they let me make so many video, the answer is simple they thought it was good fun and some days they would target me all day to see if they could out do each other and they thought they would never be seen by any one other then my self

what you see in the pic below are projectile

they have been targeting my chest all afternoon and making me cough to the point that I am nearly sick

1-1-08 as I can not akr a pic of my hart I am posting videos I made from 2008
1-1-08 -0532

time of posting 2026 

 they are still targeting my chest
1-1-08 -0532

on the right hand side you can see a projectile 

light from the mirror

10pm the men on duty have been targeting between my legs I call it rape they call it sexual assault  ever night I go to bed I go  through at least one hour of this,

1-1-08 -0542

in the pic below the white things are what I think to be projectiles

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