Saturday, 9 March 2002

69 Letter to Hogan Howe about 2004 and how this started with you sectioning me all because I complained,

I have been going through all the documents I have scanned and all the register letter I  have sent, I did not realise how much I had kept, even the bills sent to me by your solicitor all unpaid so my question is did you pay them in the end, I can not believed they went unpaid after the remarks they made out side of court about the good living they were making defending the lies you employ, did you train them personally Bernard or are just keeping up the work of your predecessors started, I have been to the shop to day to have breakfast with my sister ever step I took was painful because the thugs you employ were causing me pain to my knees, do you real think you can get the better of me now with your pointless weapons and the fools that use them, Listen to me you master of  thugs< I am one woman of 68 and I have stood up to you for the last ten years this Easter and I will fight you till I take my last breath,
in 2004 you had me sectioned to shut me up they did not keep me for 14 days and I discharged my self after 10 days, I warned you not to take me on in 2004 and told you that you did not know what you were getting, you went to Raythone to train- I on the other hand someone much better who would be proud of me and the way I have stood up to you, Long before I heard of anonymouse  I told you that my memorise was good you should have listened because,
Had you sent me a letter saying that you would take on board my complaint it would have coast a stamp, how much have you spent so far on weapons following me up and down the country, this is not coast effective,

                                                           I DO NOT FORGIVE -
                                                            I DO NOT FORGET-
                                                     EXPECT ME TO FIGHT ON -


why I was not made to take the pills they prescribed I do not know may be the good doctor smelt a rat and realised that any one who gets in to bed with you is only to be F--------ked  
what I do know is that had I been made to take them I would have been finished 





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