Wednesday, 29 January 2003

29 -letter to Hogan Howe 3-3-14

They did not wake me last night at all, but they targeted my head with microwave and they make me dream, it is so hard to explain, I am going to have to think carefully what I  say about this,all I can say is it make you feel as though you have not been asleep and you have to sort your head out to go on with the day
I have a rash under my breast it is been caused by what ever they are targeting my chest with it dose not itch or hurt in any way and have taken pic you can see the spots under the skin and feel them before the come out, not sure what to about them but have been to Boot's and brought cream, my thing is should I use it or not and is it best to leave well alone and Wait and see what happens 



took the pic below yesterday or the day before not sure what that is on the back of my neck, what i do know is that when I fall a sleep in the chair they target the back of my neck to wake me up 

this is my eye this morning

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