Tuesday, 28 January 2003

28 letter to Hogan How 2-3-14 all so (2-1-08-1458)

2-3-14 - 19-40

2-3-14- 2202


they all so woke me at  0420



2-1-08 -1458

this little video show that my leg were OK in 2008 the worst they did was microwave them and cause pain to my knees and toes and believe me the pain was dreadful

in 2012 they started to cause sore to my legs when the white stuff got to much they did what they called lassoing  it off, this was a very painful and would take them what seamed like a life time because they had to do the whole of the leg, they used the white stuff to cove up the sore they were causing 

after the spotted causing sore they started to burn them and believe me this pic dose not do justice to there handy work when they burn them the heat is intense and I move my leg around to find a cold bit of the bed 

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